1938 - 1940 -- Joseph G. Bryan

Joseph G. Bryan - Southeast Principal 1938 - 1940
From 1939 Crusader and the first edition of the Tower

Mr. Bryan was the first principal of Southeast High School. Mr. Bryan came into the Kansas City schools from Teachers’ College in Warrensburg in 1921. After four years on the faculty of Westport Junior High School, he was appointed vice principal of Southwest High School, a position he held from 1926 to 1936. Following that, Mr. Bryan was vice principal of East High School for two years. During the 1938-1939 school year when Southeast opened, Mr. Bryan was the only school principal in Kansas City who did not have a vice principal. The Board of Education did not expect such a large enrollment during the first year of the school’s existence. The Interscholastic League football field north of the Southeast building is named for Mr. Bryan.