1967 - 1970 -- William Evans

Principal William Evans

An important part of our guiding light, Mr. William D. Evans is now completing his second year at Southeast. Before coming to Southeast in the fall of ’67, Mr. Evans had been a counselor, vice principal and principal at Westport High School. During World War II, he was a marine sergeant in the military government. He married in 1947 and received his B.S. in education two years later. In 1953, Mr. Evans earned his M.S. degree in secondary school administration from Central Missouri State College in Warrensburg. Mr. Evans has three children. Beth, a freshman, and Tom, a junior, both attend Blue Springs High School. Stephanie is a sophomore at Missouri Valley College. As principal of Southeast, it is Mr. Evans’ job to guide through darkness and to light a better path. He has received the torch of responsibility; it is his job to keep it lit. “…my idea of those Knights was sort of a candle…I have carried it for many years with a hand to shield it from the wind. It has flickered often. I am giving you the candle now—you won’t let it out?” “It will burn.” T.H. White