Section 1:

Standing Committees of the Association shall be:

Membership & Recruitment
Memorabilia & Artifacts

The President, with the approval of the Board of Directors, may appoint additional Ad Hoc or Standing Committees as needed.

Section 2:

Any Association member in good standing may be selected to serve on a committee. The President shall appoint the Chairperson of each Standing Committee. Each Standing Committee shall be composed of not less than three (3) members recommended by the Committee Chairperson or members in good standing and approved by the Board of Directors. A chair may be selected for a one-year team and may serve up to two consecutive terms.

Section 3:

Standing Committees shall be appointed within forty-five (45) days after the election of the Board of Directors each year.

Section 4:

The Chairperson of each Standing Committee shall make a report of the recommendations, actions pending and projects completed at each meeting of the Board of Directors. If the Chairperson of a Committee must be absent from a meeting he/she shall designate a Committee member to provide the report to the Board in his/her absence.

Section 5:

The Nominating Committee shall prepare a nominating report for submission to the annual meeting of the Association for the election of the Board of Directors.
The Nominating Committee shall submit its proposed slate of Directors no later than thirty (30) days prior to the annual meeting. All persons recommended by the committee to serve as a Director shall be a regular member of the Association in good standing or become a regular member and shall have given his/her consent to serve and willingness to devote necessary time and effort in the discharge of the duties of a Director.
The Membership & Recruitment Committee shall encourage membership in the Association by all qualified persons and make current and former students of the school aware of the Association, and its purposes. This Committee will be responsible for distribution of membership cards. This Committee will be responsible for maintaining an accurate list of current members and database of Alumni contacts.
The Memorabilia and Artifacts Committee shall be responsible for gathering and collecting memorabilia and artifact items that represent historical annotations of the school and its history; maintaining detailed inventories of collected school memorabilia and artifacts; cleaning, restoring and preserving memorabilia and artifacts, seeking professional advice and assistance where necessary; conducting inquiries and searches for memorabilia and artifacts that may be in the possession of current or former students, administrators, faculty, and staff of the school; identifying items suitable for public display; devising a schedule for a rotating presentation of items to be placed on display for alumni and public view; and assisting the Fundraising Committee in identifying items or their replication that may be utilized for the purposes of generating funds to support the costs of maintaining the memorabilia and artifacts.
The Fund Raising Committee shall, with the approval of the Board of Directors, conduct such activities as appropriate to provide funding for the Association.
The Scholarship Committee shall administer funds provided by the Association to provide financial assistance to qualified students of the Kansas City Missouri School District after graduation. The Committee shall make members of the graduating classes aware of the existence of the scholarship fund, the amount of the award to be made, the criteria used by the Committee in making the award and shall provide application forms to be used in preliminary screening. The Committee shall evaluate each applicant and by majority vote of the Committee award an annual scholarship to one or more graduates from funds made available by the Association. Criteria used shall include financial need of the applicant, grades in high school and postsecondary classes (where applicable), participation in extra-curricular activities and civic events and the willingness of the applicant to further the purposes of the Association. The Board of Directors shall determine the amount of each scholarship and the number of scholarships to be awarded each year. The Committee shall monitor the progress of students who are actively receiving scholarship funds and shall report regularly to the Board of Directors as to the status of the student(s). Each recipient of scholarship aid must sign a disclosure release to check attendance and grades.
The Publicity/Communications Committee shall publicize events and activities of the Association and subject to availability of funds, the Committee shall disseminate news of the purposes and activities of the Association to its members. The Committee shall assist Membership Committee and Treasurer with the handling of annual membership solicitation and renewals and other notices each year. The Committee shall assist the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee in communication with the members of the Association. The Committee shall maintain a mailing list of active, past and prospective members of the Association as well as a current list of all alumni.
The History Committee shall gather and archive historical information about Southeast High School, including information from such sources as printed or electronic materials, and interviews with former teachers, administrators, staff, students, and members of the community.
The By-laws Committee will prepare and submit any additions to or deletions from the By-laws. The report of the By-laws Committee to the annual meeting shall not preclude nominations from the floor of the annual meeting.