Association's Annual Meeting

Knights and Ladies,
In accordance with the Bylaws of the Southeast High School Alumni Association, Inc., an election of members of the Board of Directors to replace Board members whose terms have expired or to fill unexpired terms is to be held at the Association's annual meeting. This year's meeting is to be held on December 8, 2016.

We need your help in identifying and proposing potential Directors of the Association. Please submit names of persons you feel would be assets to the Board and the Association as a whole. In nominating individuals please accompany their names with information such as their graduation years, the functions they have performed or activities they have taken part in for their respective classes, their activities in other not for profit or professional organizations, as well as skills or talents they possess that will be of benefit to the Association. Before placing a name in nomination, please make sure the candidate knows that his/her name is being submitted and that he/she is indeed willing to serve.

We would like to have as much representation from various class years as possible, so please take that into consideration in your nominations. Also, please know that all Directors are expected to attend all regular Board meetings, participate fully in Board activities, and be in good standing by paying annual dues to the Association. Annual dues are $10.

Nominations should be sent to the Nominating Committee Co-Chairs Angela Bennett ('70), Tom Levin (’71) and Regina Barksdale ('89) no later than Saturday, November 5, 2016.
Nominations may also be sent to the
Southeast High School Alumni Association at PO Box 7043, Kansas City, Missouri 64113
November 5, 2016.

Richard DeHart '67
Southeast High School Alumni Association, Inc.